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India Entry Consulting

The new globalized economic reality demands speed and dexterity to ensure success and sustainable growth in markets. It is no longer a matter of choice that businesses have to go global rather it has become strategically essential for both large and small businesses to improve their global foot print.

In this context – India being one of the largest democratic and growing consumer markets, offers many opportunities to those with a vision for an India presence and operations. Just like every big opportunity comes with a challenge India too has its unique blend of hurdles which have to be overcome to create a successful entry in the Indian market.

Integro Consulting – helps you create a strategic plan that can give you the edge in a market like India. This could be in one or all the ways as mentioned below :

  •  Custom exploratory research for your product / service 
  •  Business incubation and preliminary opportunity assessment 
  •  A business model re-alignment / innovation / strategy suited to India 
  •  Finding and building a relationship with a partner who has the right competencies
  •  Connecting with a the distribution network that can give you the edge and scalability 
  •  Creating the India specific strategic plan, business plan and implementation plan 
  •  Support and Independent monitoring / reporting services for your India business

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At Integro we believe in growing with our customer, so our professional fees are result-oriented and competitive and to display our commitment to you. We also let you speak to our existing customers so you use their testimonials to judge our effectiveness and customer centric consulting services.