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Actively Managed Web Solutions (AMWS)

The dynamic market conditions of today require that information is up to date, accurate, current and engaging. We use innovative approaches in web site design and development and thereby strive to satisfy our customers with personalized website design services. With these critical aspects in mind ‘Integro Infotech & Consulting’ provides to its customers the ‘Actively Managed Web Solutions’ AMWS.

Businesses and institutions need to give their customers the impression of being professional and organized and one of the best ways they can give this is to use their website to provide their customers the latest and up to date information. Integro provides this as a service so our clients can have an affordable and effective website. The concept being that instead of being a static entity, the website can become a value adding and useful asset to our clients.

Integro Differentiator

We first try to understand the specific requirements of the clients while also taking into account the big picture of their kind of business. This understanding is the main ingredient of our professional and successful web design services. We suggest a wide range of web site design and development services, including Web Design and Web Development itself, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Flash Development, Website Marketing and Promotional Services – all of these aligned to a theme that upholds the core value/s of our clients business.